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Workforce Solutions

What We Do

Short And Long Term Temporary Staffing   
Life Style offers staffing for a single day on a moment's notice and for long-term projects many months away. Be the task technical, clerical, or customer service, we have an employee to do it well and to do it now. As always, we handle the details of employee screening, employee pay, and administration of benefits, however long the employee is with you.

Direct Hire
Qualified professionals are hard to come by, even for well-established companies that have never had trouble recruiting in the past. This is where Life Style can help. Our Direct Hire Division scours the nation to find the most promising candidates for a wide range of positions in addition to finding the right employee,
Life Style does:
  • Full reference checks
  • Employee transition assistance
  • Contingency and retained Search agreements
  • Tax savings recommendations
  • Research for competitive salary information
​      (Fees are charged on a contingency basis.)
Temporary-to-Hire Staffing Program
This hiring program offers a more sure way of filling a position with the right candidate than most staffing procedures. We provide an employee to meet your needs, just as in the Short to Long Term Temporary Staffing. But, with the Temporary-to-Hire Program, you have the opportunity to hire our employee after a predetermined time at no additional charge. And, supposing our candidate does not quite suit your needs, you may request a replacement at any time.

Contract Technical Staffing
Our Contract Technical Staffing program provides experienced technical professionals for long-term special projects. Please call us to talk about your specific needs in this specialized area,1-800-813 4874, M-F,7am-6pm CST.

Private Label Workforce
Life Style has a specialized onsite workforce program designed specifically for the on-going and changing staffing needs of our industrial and manufacturing clients. Private Label Workforce consists of three primary stages:

       1. Planning and Strategy- we develop a staffing plan to proceed as economically as possible, to effectively forecast staffing needs and respond to changing market conditions, and monitor operating costs in real time.

      2. Recruit and Manage - we provide a trained and experienced onsite manager who recruits, hires,trains and manages your onsite workforce.

    3. Measure - we develop metrics to quantitatively and qualitatively know how we are meeting your financial and staffing goals at any point in time.

How We Do lt
Life Style clients need temporary help for different lengths of time, for different tasks, at different skill levels, and in different environments. We provide programs for each situation, offering help customized to each client’s specific needs. With nearly three decades of experience, we’ve been around the block in providing effective staffing solutions.

One of the most effective means we use to attract proven and qualified employees is our Life Style database, which currently consists of over 50,000 names of potential employees who have worked for Life Style. We also advertise, depending on our target prospect, using the Life Style web site, newspapers, Internet, magazines, radio, television, direct mail, community organizations, college, universities, referrals, etc. We continually work at keeping our employee pool the best it can be.

Screen and Interview
Job candidates complete a comprehensive application, designed not only to detail work history and skills, but also designed to  earn more about the candidate's abilities to follow directions, and think and work as a team. We interview top candidates fitting the "top performer" profile  about employment history, goals, and skills. We administer appropriate testing for the job and it may include such assessments as for manual dexterity, math, spelling, filing, perception, data entry, coding, typing, software knowledge and usage. We check thoroughly for the qualities needed to perform well. We also can screen for drugs, and check on criminal history, credit and motor vehicle violations. Qualified candidates may Be required to take the life Style Rembrandt portrait  sophisticated mechanism for assessing psychometrics. The Rembrandt Portrait has been validated by the Nero Communication Research Laboratories,Inc .in Danbury, Connecticut. Their study proved Rembrandt Portrait to be   non discriminatory to race, religion, and gender. Accuracy was established at 93%.

Life Style hires and takes care of all new employee orientation. Acceptance notifications are sent to chosen applicants, complete with all details on job description, pay, employer expectations, and benefits. Employment paperwork for federal and state governments is completed, along with any petitions or agreements desired by your company.

Employees are trained for their job by Life Style. In addition, we are able to offer industrial training on hazardous communications, personal protective equipment, lock out/tag out, blood-borne pathogens, and client specific safety requirements, depending on client needs.

Life Style works with our employees to best fit your corporate culture and your management style. Making sure that the right employees are matched with the right client and the right client is matched with the right employee is very important to us. We bank on having satisfied employees and clients, so we do what we can to make sure our job assignments are filled to achieve the best possible fit. We check with our client management on a regular basis to make sure the job is being done to satisfaction. We keep in contact  with our employees to make sure they are happy with the job they are doing.

Life Style uses state-of-the art technology, designed especially for the human capital management Industry. Our technology runs via the web, which means our clients have real-time access to reports such as timesheet detail, orders, invoices, scheduling, and more, anytime - day or night- from anywhere in the world.

Private Label Workforce: Onsite Industrial Staffing Program

[Designed for the high-volume Human Capital Management Needs of Manufacturers]
If your plant needs an influx of workers - ongoing or sporadically - to accomplish production goals, then our Private Label Workforce program may be the right choice for your company. This customized vendor-on-premise program has a proven track record in helping our manufacturing and industrial clients reduce employee turnover, hire the best employees for the job and manage ongoing staffing.

Here’s How It Works:​                                                                                                                                                
First we develop a staffing strategy specific to your needs. For nearly 30 years being in the staffing business, we have figured out how to create staffing solutions that are flexible enough to compensate for changing market conditions and enable accurate staffing forecasts. As a result, we help you staff right and meet financial and production goals. With a staffing plan in place, we provide an experienced onsite manager to become part of your team. This person recruits and manages the employees, handling interviews, screening, hiring, training and supervision of the day-to-day operation. Throughout the process, you will be able to view real-time customized employee reports of our Private Label Workforce program in progress. You may pull reports on successfully fulfilled orders, usage by department, product lines and/or locations, timesheet detail, and more. We want to assure you that our system is working the way you want and on budget.

Private Label Workforce enables your company to:
  • Forecast staffing needs effectively.
  • Change staffing levels promptly when needed.
  • Design immediate and future work forces to maximize investment.
  • Outline practical contingency plans for "what if" scenarios.
  • Meet staffing, production and financial goals.