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Why Life Style

Choose Life Style For Your Next Job!

- Because we offer immediate employment possibilities!
- Because you will have the opportunity to try different types of jobs!
- Because Life Style offers you employee benefits!
- Because Life Style can help you gain valuable work experience and launch a career!
Through our temp-to-hire program, you can sample careers in fields ranging from manufacturing to customer service to administrative without a break in your employment history. And when you find a job where both you and the company feel you are a good fit, that company is free to hire you as a permanent employee.
Meanwhile, as you search or the job that is right for you, Life Style provides the means to make you right for that job, offering free computer training, college scholarships, and career counseling.
Job Center
Education is Job Opportunity
At the Life Style Learning Center, we provide tools to help our employees not only keep pace with the crowd but also get ahead of it.
Computers are an integral part of everyday business and computer familiarity is essential for advancement. At the Learning Center, Life Style helps employees become more marketable by offering free computer instruction.
Employees can work for Life Style in an area where computer skills are not required while preparing for a computer-related job by learning to use programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint at the Life Style Learning Center.
We provide the computers, software, and instruction. All you must have is the desire to improve your marketability and the drive to make it happen.
Life Style Employs Technology
Life Style has embraced state-of-the-art web technology as a tool to enable us to do better business with you. It means your private information is available to you in a secure spot online that only you can access. It means we can keep "real-time" (as in "now") accounting of where we are and forecast effectively so as to meet production, operation and budget goals. Plus, we have an extremely valuable historical database and analyses of what’s worked and what hasn’t, so that in going forward we put our best practices -the tried and true - to work again.

For Our Life Style Client
What does our technology mean for you, the company employing Life Style to supply qualified employees? It means that at any point in time, you can look at the reports most important to you, such as detail on employee timesheets, invoices, scheduling, etc. Talk to us about the customized reports your company needs.