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"I believe the success of Life Style can be traced to three qualities:
intelligence, experience and obsession."

~John Rupcich
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As we see it, we have two sets of customers at Life Style: clients and employees. Satisfying one satisfies the other, which in turn, satisfies us.

But satisfaction, we have found, is not a static state - we have created ways to push it further. And push it we have, refining our placement strategies so that temporary employees often become valuable company assets and expanding our services so that our hiring strategies and services often significantly affect the success of an entire company. To see what we mean, just take a look at our case studies.

Time is an essential ingredient in what we have become. Rome was not built in a day, they say. Well, neither was Life Style. Experience is what sets us apart.

Life Style was established in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1973. By the end of the decade, we had mastered the science of employee placement and opened a second office in Milwaukee. Throughout the '80s we focused on refining our ability to place employees where they will thrive, while consistently opening new locations across Wisconsin.

As our expertise and size increased, so, too, did the role we play for our clients. By the '90s, onsite workforce management programs had become a routine part of our job and a company-wide core competency. We began helping clients create long-term hiring and staffing strategies, and we implemented those strategies with our hiring and managing of employees.

Today, we have ten locations throughout Wisconsin, a management team with the ingenuity and human resources experience necessary to provide creative solutions to hiring problems (and the track record to prove it), and an employee placement expertise built over nearly three decades.

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